Burial and Cremation date back to ancient times. Scientists agree that cremation started in the Stone Age in the year 3000 B.C. in Europe and in the Middle East. Homer describes many cases of cremation such as Patroclos, Achilles and Hector. Nestor urges the Greeks to cremate their dead. Cremation and scattering of his ashes was done according to his will to Solon. In Vergina’s tombs the ashes of Philippe the Second, father of Alexander the Great, were found in the golden urn that was decorated by the eight-ray star of the Macedonian dynasty. Macedonians used to cremate their dead in honor of Hercules, who died by fire.

Nowadays, people choose to be cremated for a number of reasons. First of all, the cost of a cremation service is considerably lower than a burial. Sometimes, they may like to have their ashes scattered at their favourite place e.g. a fishing spot, a mountain etc or they may not desire to have a visiting place for family to come to mourn.

Our company is cooperating with crematoriums in many European countries. In order to make everything easier, we can arrange every detail needed for the cremation. In addition, if a relative would like to be at the cremation, we can arrange every detail (arrangements with the crematorium, transportation etc).

You can contact us for further information about the procedure.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 20:  Funeral director Peter DeLuca, owner of Greenwich Village Funeral Home, holds a cremation urn in the showroom of his funeral parlor on November 20, 2008 in New York City. New technologies, such as flat screen televisions for video memorials, ornate and even sports-team themed cremation urns are also slowly being introduced at funeral homes. Despite the currently languishing economy, the funeral home world is readying for an upswing nationally, as the recession-resistant business prepares for an expected rise in death rates as baby boomers start to reach old age in the coming decade.  (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Our mode of work is characterized by professionalism, respect to every religion, integrity, provision of the best possible services and compassion. We provide high quality services as our our wish is to comfort our clients in their sorrow and to assure them that the body of their loved one as well as the whole funeral procedure is treated with respect , the greatest possible attention and care.

In particular, we are experienced in regards to the procedure and all the  necessary documentation for the completion of the repatriation of your loved one and we are in position to provide relief from difficult situations.

We do our best  to complete the procedure of the repatriation by providing high quality and rapid services  (we undertake all procedures needed for the official registration of a death) and the adequate guidance at each step of the process.

Furthermore, we provide the special items required for the undertaking of  deceased such as coffins, wreaths, bouquets etc.