Corporate Services

Corporate services

We understand the importance of organizing a funeral or a memorial. We believe that a great ceremony is a way to show your love to the deceased. We try to offer high quality services. We pay attention to every detail, with an emphasis on being compassionate caring whilst being there for our clients, in their time of need and pain.

Our company provides punctuality and professionalism. We provide services in Corfu but also in the whole of Greece and Cyprus. We put all our efforts in organizing a decent and austere ceremony, with respect towards your wishes. In addition, we undertake the repatriation of your loved ones quickly and efficiently.


Corporate services

  • Deployment staff on call 24/7, 24 hour service
  • Full Repatriation Service
  • Immediate Family support
  • Translation Services
  • Customs Clearance
  • Global Network of Quality Assured and inspected Agents
  • Multi-Lingual Staff
  • Excellent Working Relationship with Consulates and EmbassiesF
  • Flight Booking service
  • Funeral service organization
  • Memorial and Church Service available
  • Flower decorations and floral tributes
  • We undertake the care and transportation of your loved one towards any place in Greece or abroad
  • We use the innovative DNA storing service and create a DNA identity for the deceased
  • Incineration – cremation of the body
  • Bereavement Training Service
  • We also organise the exhumation if needed
  • We contact restaurants of your preference or cemetery’s facilities for the traditional coffee and lunch after the service
  • We post the obituary posters